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How To Create Your Own “Mega Pack” And Make Your First Sale

When I first started in the resell rights and PLR business, I would purchase products from resell rights sellers, just like what you may be doing now.

I would then package about 10 resell rights products into one package and call it a “Mega Pack”.

It sold for about $19.95 a pop.

I had it only as a backend/one time offer.

It sold like hot cakes! What’s surprising is that I still sell one or two copies here and there. Talk about passiveness!

I’m still using this method of putting together a Mega Pack. In fact, I actually put a new pack together just to test out whether it would sell or not.

I put “5 High Quality Internet Marketing PLR Products” into one.

I priced it at $67.00 and had it as one of my upsells.

How much did I sell?


I sold 38 copies, bringing in $2,348 in sales!

Note: This offer is only made after the initial sale. I do not offer this on the front-end.

You can take a look at the sales page here.

The great thing about this method is that it’s so simple to put together.

Take a look at the sale copy. There’s nothing complicated about it really. It took me about 4-5 hours to put together and now that time I spent is paying off.

Why Does This Method Work So Well?

People love value for money.

If you offer lots of value and put it nicely into one package, you’ll win customers.

However, don’t fall into the trap of “More stuff”. You don’t want to offer too much, and at the same time, you don’t want to offer too little.

The aim is to justify what they’re getting, and how much it would cost if they were to purchase each individually.

You’re solving a problem.

That’s how you can sell lots and lots of copies — provide a solution to a problem.

You can angle your offer in a way where your customer is saving money or fast-tracking their success.

How To Get Started

All you need is 10 products that are related.

For example, you could put together a “Social Media Mega Pack”.

Find 10 social media related products with rights to resell it.

You can find many in the Products section of this site.

Next, create a simple sales page that simply has a headline saying:

“Grab 10 High Quality Social Media Products Including Resell Rights”

As simple as that.

And then list each product your customer will get, including a short description of what they’ll learn inside.

Next, setup your product to sell on JVZoo. I have a tutorial on how to do it here:

Pricing Your Mega Pack

Here’s a general guide you can follow that won’t de-valuate your products and at the same time still make a good profit:

$9.95: 2-3 products

$17: 3-5 products

$27: 5-10 products

$47: 5-20 products

Do note, this is just a guide. It doesn’t take into consideration the products you’ll be adding to your mega pack. For example, if you’re packaging 5 courses in video format instead of eBook format, it should generally be priced higher since videos have a higher perceived value.

So do take note of that.

Where Should You Offer Your Mega Pack?

In terms of where in your sales funnel it should be placed, I would recommend having it as an “Upsell”.

So first, have a free giveaway report/ebook/product where subscribers need to opt-in.

Once they’ve opted in, have your “Mega Pack” featured as the one time offer/upsell.

You can set your autoresponder to go to your upsell page straight after someone subscribers.

In AWeber, it’s in ‘Sign Up Forms’ > Edit your sign up form and set your ‘Thank You’ page as your upsell/Mega Pack page.

“How Do I Start Making Sales?”

There are a number of ways you can start making sales.

  1. Buy solo ads
  2. Use Facebook Ads
  3. Start blogging
  4. Join communities around your niche

I have instructions for each in my other post called The Three Core Steps To Succeeding With PLR Products.

With most PLR products you get from us here at UnstoppablePLR, you’ll receive an opt-in page with a lead magnet (your giveaway report).

Use it as your offer.

Follow these steps, and you’ll see your first sale.

This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for this helpful article Arelius. These steps are not only easy to do but you literally put money in your subscribers’ hands without selling it. Great stuff! Thanks again.

  2. Hi

    Many thanks for you email and find its so so interesting with lots of tips.

    I am very new to this and you are right in saying that by now I have bought lots and lots of PLR publications and now want to get to the market with them.

    What I still have not got my head around is do you need multiple sites to sell the products or can you add pages to sell different products.

    For example your website here is and in the article you mentioned about the Mega Pack and when I click on the here button highlighted in blue your website for that still remains as so how is that done that you have two different pages with the same site address.

    So really what I am asking how do you get multiple offers from the same website address.


    1. Hi Eugene. Great questions.

      If you do want to save on buying multiple domains for each product, I would have each product in a sub-directory.

      Fro example, my main domain for all my PLR products is I then have my products as,, etc

      As for having the ability to have multiple pages on one website, you can do that very easily with a WordPress site up.

      This site is WordPress hosted on my web host.

      I have a tutorial on how you can install a blog on BlueHost here:

      Hope that helps.

  3. Hi
    Thanks for the email about creating “Mega Pack” with PLR products.

    I have several PLRs collecting dust on my hard disk and I have yet to make any money from them
    Do you recommend re-branding the PLR before offering as a Mega pack.
    To what extent do we have to re-brand them to be able to offer them with PLR license to buyers?
    Which is the best place to sell them if I do not have a big list. Warrior+ WSO does not allow selling products which were bought with resell rights unless just promoting in classified section of Warrior plus ?
    can we sell these mega packs in JVZOO or ClickBank ? as it is or as re-branded products

    I am sorry I am asking too many questions. I would be grateful for any help at your convenience.

    Dr Jay

    1. Hi Dr. Jay,

      It’s always a good idea to rebrand a PLR product before selling it.

      It just gives that extra bit of personalization to it.

      I would recommend using JVZoo. It suits the demographics.

  4. Can you provide an example of the initial offer page that you use for your mega pack? Also, can you change the product name and graphics with your plr products?

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