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How To Setup And Launch Your Product On JVZoo

In this special video training, you’ll find out:

  • How to setup your product details
  • Pricing options such as fixed and dimesale options
  • How to integrate an affiliate program – what commission rate should you give?
  • How to create a sales funnel in JVZoo – want to add upsells and downsells?
  • and more

Have any questions? Feel free to leave you comments below.

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  1. Does JVZoo collect the payments or are you billed for commissions to affiliates? How are JVZoo commissions paid? I know when I buy, the money goes directly to the seller.. or I THINK it does.
    How does that work?

    1. Hi Mary. JVZoo does almost all the processing for you.

      If you have allowed affiliates instant commissions, JVZoo will send it instantly.

      If it’s delayed, then your affiliate will not get paid until you release it using their function. It will be displayed in your sellers dashboard.

  2. Hi Aurelius – another fabulous down to earth no nonsense training = 5 gold stars again.
    Thanks for your wonderfully comprehensive training and resources, best available by a long shot.

  3. Hey,

    If we do lifetime membership do we also get access to the PLRs being sold separately on JVzoo?

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